Babes do it better

In parts of the English speaking world builders and plumbers in loose trousers, when bending down for tricky tasks, show what’s known as ‘builders bum,’ or more politely rear-end cleavage. It comes in all shapes and sizes on building sites everywhere. This new dress shows how babes in the fashion industry can indeed do it better.

Have you noticed that showing frontal cleavage is getting far more adventurous nowadays? The actors, the unisex word for both kinds, show plummeting tops, hints of bra-less nipples along with skin tight jeans and body clinging shorts and skirts. It’s not that we are in a new permissive  age. We are not back in the 1960s, the advent of the birth pill, free love and flower power.

It has been said that daring dressing invites anger, rape, abuse and domestic violence when women and girls are accused by parents, jealous husbands or partners or ne’er-do-wells with ill intent of being too seductive and flirtatious.

As crazy as the world has become, the jury is still out on whether it’s okay to think about  these matters and not Ukraine, climate, famine, pestilence and all else that’s gone wrong. 



















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