Bootlicker of the Year Award, 2015

And the Oscar goes to the Zimbabwe Sunday Mail for this second-to-none performance. The British have a similar trophy. It is called BrownNose of the Year:

“When Obama, Cameron met the real lion of Africa …”


It’s not everyday that one finds the US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other little puppies from countries such as Canada, Italy and Australia in one room.

The blood-sucking imperialists were gathered in Antalya, Turkey for the G20 Summit and President Mugabe seized the opportunity to shove the truth down the throats of the stunned Western leaders.

Obama sat there looking straight into the eyes of President Mugabe. The disappointing brother from Kenya (Obama) must have been wondering why Turkish President Erdogan had invited this lion of Africa to the summit.

British PM Cameron sat there with his big eyes darting from one end to the other; as the lion roared, Cameron kept on shifting in his seat as if his chair was trying to swallow him.

German Chancellor Merkel sat there fidgeting and twiddling with her artificial nails, a sign that she was not sure what to expect.

As for the puppies from Canada, Italy and Australia, this was time to learn. The speech by President Mugabe was just too good and yet the honesty was too painful to swallow.

From the outside and on television, the West is putting up a brave face (on global security issues) but the honest truth is that there is unmeasurable paranoia and paralysis in the belly of the beast. The big boys are on the run and we leave them to do a bit of running.

President Mugabe was in his usual fearless mood. As the voice of Africa at the G20 summit, he roared, sending shivers down the spines of the wondering imperialists.

The imperialists had not bargained for this one. All they could do was to sit there and listen as the painful truth (about Western exploitation of Africa) was being shoved down their throats.

The seating arrangements were enough to unsettle the imperialists and meant Obama, Cameroon and Merkel, probably for the first time, came face-to-face with President Mugabe. The lion of Africa and the imperialists were a few metres away from each other. There was no way they could avoid each other.

Chinese President Xi Jinping watched it all with curious interest. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave President Mugabe that smile of approval…

The G20 Antalya summit is gone, but Obama, Cameron and Merkel won’t forget.


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