Sock it to ’em

Sock it to ’em!  Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has been in the headlines again. He has apparently spent US 7 million in the Gucci shop in Joburg and was escorted out by uniformed security guards with assault rifles.  

Then he flew off to have dinner with his girlfriend in St Tropez in the south of  France. This came fresh from his lightning visit to Zimbabwe to “promote boxing among the youth and return to his African roots” which turned out to be as blatant – and as costly – as any spectacle yet seen in support of our longtime ruling ZANU PF party before new elections.

The US 1 million spent on his star appearance at a campaign rally in the poor, dusty and dilapidated township of Mabvuku outside Harare, let it be said, could have bought medicine, sanitation, water wells, electricity supplies and renovations for schools, clinics and other crumbling community facilities around the area. Our Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has been doing suchlike in his parliamentary constituency though it’s not clear where the finance is coming from. 

The armed guards during Mayweather’s shopping spree Down South, Joburg being one of the crime and violence capitals of the world, were kitted out with his The Money Team (TMT) insignia on their unforms. It was vanity and, punsters said, overkill once again.

US rapper 50 Cent hasn’t got a good word for Floyd either, saying that he embarrasses the American ‘black nation’ with his antics. In the style of rap, and ‘gangsta rap,’  his comments are full the f**k word and N-word, ending with an ‘a’ that they are not censored for using on each other. Like a ‘n***a with bad attitude,’ and things like that.

But 50 Cent has pointedly challenged Mayweather to read out loud the difficult words in Harry Potter books.

What is it with the lure of Gucci and Louis Vuitton? Our elite is also hooked when people all around are in rags.   







(Our very own jetsetter Wicknell Chivayo showing off his new Roller along with an inset of his fondness for Gucci)

Poles apart from corruption and white collar crime, there is a phenomenon down here called  “survival crime” caused by poverty. It quickly escalated in South Africa where guns are plentiful. 

We are on the same path in Zimbabwe at a time well educated generations can’t find jobs. One youngster I know graduated with honours and did find work as a lowly gardener in a well-to-do suburb. He devoured  Home and Garden magazines and second hand  books on horticulture to get things right. But he was seen as impertinent and climbing above his station in life and got fired. 

An utterance of people waiting for scarce public transport when a luxury mega car swooshes by is “mbavha! mbavha!” – thief! thief! It is murmured quietly in case cops or ruling party militants are within in earshot. 

This election time opposition rallies have been banned on security grounds by the ZRP,  the Zimbabwe Republic Police nicknamed the ZANU Police.  ZANU PF rallies go ahead without hindrance and merciless party militants are seldom brought to account. 

As in biblical times, the Lord will save you from persecution, said our daily Christian devotion on state radio. And from idolatry, hypocrites, money changers, robbers and userers.

Where are you, Lord?


Floyd Mayweather in the white tee-shirt leaving Gucci in Johannesburg.

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