There’s no plan

imageMorale is poor, spirits are low. imagePeople are depressed by our endless problems. “Be calm, be Zimbabwean and make a plan.” Surely money is needed to make a plan? But there isn’t any readily available now.  And there is no obvious plan in the corridors of power on what to do next, either.  Edvard Munch’s painting of anguish “The Scream” says it all.

To cheer up, it’s worth subscribing to Private Eye. imageTwo of their  recent cartoons: 

“Well, for a start to cure your depression, Mrs Ridgewort, I’d change your wallpaper” by the brilliant Ed McLachlan.

And the man who says to his dog: “Has anyone seen my anti-depressants?” imageby the admirable Howard Tayler.

Given the current political and economic impasse, it is hard to see how Zimbabweans can change the political wallpaper right now. Even our pets are feeling the pinch of hard times. We are all, particularly looting politicians,like the proverbial rabbit mesmerised in the headlights of a car.  When will the impact, the squish, come and the car roll to a messy halt?

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