Youngsters to save the world …


Smoking very bad. War very bad. The Great Plague very bad. Most things very bad in the olden days.

It’s different now!

In Afghanistan, starving children are sold to traffickers or given tranquilisers to dull their hunger pangs. Very bad.

There is medication for hunger, it’s called food. For a plethora of reasons, food isn’t available but tranquilisers are, probably thanks to Pfizer and big pharma. Very bad.

A new crime in the making is ‘ecocide,’ environmental damage that causes deaths, a big step up from simple homicide.

But just like genocide, how will it be enforced? Offenders would be big oil and big mining whose degradation of land and floods of toxic slurry have wiped out entire communities. Very bad.

Can’t see their billionaire bosses arraigned at the International Court of Justice in The Hague where a few “genocidaires” from Rwanda, Liberia and the Congo have been tried. Very bad.

How will Greta Thunberg and the new generation fix all this in the new age where the ‘nonbinary’ can have X on their passport where it asks to show if you are M or F?

In the moral decay of the present, I see there’s an adult magazine in Britain called Fux and it contains all that the title promises. Very bad.

It will surely take more than good intentions by the new generation to save the world.


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